White Knight Chronicles Preview (PS3) - Part Two

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In part one, we looked at the gameplay. This time I’ll be looking at features that will should help White Knight Chronicles stand out, which is a fair bit since  Europe and North America will be receiving the international edition of WKC. That means were in for some nice extra treats that shows you how much Level-5 appreciates JRPG fans in the west.

The nifty extras we shall be receiving are over 50 disc-based online quests which can be done on your own or with friends, voice chat so you can praise and insult your team members, and live talking where conversations will take place during your travels (just like those in Dragon Age, which means this will either be entertaining or annoying).

But the most exciting feature is the inclusion of the Georama. Fans of the Dark Cloud series will tell you this is one of the best aspects of the games and it’s so cool to see it come into WKC. This time, Instead of building a village to satisfy the non-player characters, you do so because a) you can show off to your friends and b) more importantly you can go on quests can get some unique equipment.


I can easily see myself losing hours just building a village, as apparently you can choose from six different field types such as plains, deserts, or wilderness and you can shape your hub in various different ways. Not only that, but you can get NPC’s from the story mode to join your town! This affects what materials and items can be used during Georama, due to whatever job skill levels they have.

It would be great if you got new buildings to play around with as you went through the game or as random prizes in quests. Out of all the in-game content, Georama is the one I’m most looking forward to and hopefully, and by the sounds of it, Level-5 are looking to make it deep and enjoyable aspect instead of just something thrown in.

Oddly for a JRPG, there’s a character customisation (that appears when you start the game), which is used to create a character that’s used in the story and online modes. It would be surprising to say it’s pretty deep, but with Level-5 are known for being epic, really it’s to be expected.

Character Customisation

There's perhaps more to come but in terms of appetising tidbit of information, what I've laid out should suffice. The fact that it’s being developed by Level 5 is enough to get excited about the game, but the extras make it sound like the complete package. Late February can’t come soon enough.


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