Fable III Revealed!

In the same way that they did with 'Fable II,' Lionhead are going to be releasing episodic 'Developer Diaries,' each revealing to us various differant aspects of their upcoming game: 'Fable III.' Within this first diary, you will find numerous hints as to what we might find when we return to Albion, just be sure to scan the backgrounds behind the talkers otherwise you might miss the hints at underwater levels and an awesome Albion version of the famous 'Your Country Needs YOU' poster.

As to the game, here are some of the facts revealed in this diary:

  • The loveable dog will be back.
  • The graphic style will be similar to 'Fable II's.
  • Loading screens are still here *sigh*.
  • There's going to be a new 'Extreme Morph' emotion.
  • You weapon's appearance will reflect the way it is used.

Here are some facts Peter Molyneux has announced additionally:

  • This game will not be entirely Natal based *phew*.
  • The touch mechanic will allow you to take the homeless by the hand and watch them resist as you lead them to the workhouse, or watch them obay eagerly as you take them to your home.
  • In co-op, you'll both get to play your own heroes.
  • Magic powers will be much more effective and spectacular.
  • The graphic style will be sharper, if similar.
  • There are two more cool features yet to be announced...

To me, this wait for 'Fable III' is becoming increasingly like torture. But the wait shouldn't be much longer, as Molyneux has confirmed that we will be seeing this game at some time this year.

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