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Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has revealed the first two months of content for the  Playstation Plus subscription service.
Launching on June 29th, the new service will provide additional features to PlayStation Network users, with SCEE keen to stress that the current functionality of PSN will remain unchanged for those who don't subscribe. Those who do though will get access to certain games, discounts, exclusive items from the Playstation Store, full game trials, and automatic downloads, a feature that enables users to leave their PlayStation on standby and automatically download demos, updates to games they have been playing and system updates.
The subscription will cost £39.99 for a year, or £11.99 for 90 days, with Sony claiming that for your money you'll be getting over £200 worth of content, with access to 48 games a year as well as the various temes avatars and discounts. The games can be kept for as long as you are a member. The first two months of content are detailed below:
Month 1: June 29th – August 3rd

  • Intro offer: LBP (standard edition)
  • PSN PS3: Wipeout HD
  • minis: Field Runners, Age of Zombies
  • PSone: Destruction Derby
  • Full Game Trial: Shatter, Savage Moon
  • Discounts: LBP God of War Pack – 50%, LBP: LocoRoco costume pack – 50%, Gravity Crash – 20%, Fat Princess DLC – 20%
  • Premium Game Element: KillZone 2:  Steel & Titanium DLC
  • Push demo: ModNation Racers, Heavy Rain
  • Themes: LBP Theme, SCEE produced: PlayStation “Game Is Just The Start” Dynamic Theme
  • 2 x Fat Princess Premium Avatars

Month 2: August 4th – September 1st

  • PSN PS3: Zen Pinball
  • minis: Blast-Off, Alien Zombie Death
  • PSone: Medievil
  • Full Game Trial: Inferno Pool, Mushroom Wars
  • Discounts: Zen Pinball Earth Defence Table – 20%, Warhawk Triple Combo Pack – 50%, Super Stardust HD  - 20%, WipeOutHD Fury – 20%
  • Premium Game Elements: Motorstorm Pacific Rift: Adrenaline Pack
  • Push Demo: Flower, Pixel Junk Shooter
  • Themes: “SCEE produced: PlayStation + Dynamic Theme (in production), Heavy Rain Crime Scene Theme
  • 2 x Heavy Rain Avatars (Bird and Butterfly)

Full details can be found on the PlayStation Blog.


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